Spiral Staircases

Words and Design by Ascendings LLC. 

This story about a company that manufactures customized spiral staircases came to me while wandering through a trade show in New York. It's told through the eyes of the company founder who also designs straight stairways. Take it away, Steve...

Nearly everything starts with a need for something. Ascendings, LLC was founded because of a need. After my wife and I remodeled our home, we found that we had large space on an upper level that was without access. After decades of designing automation equipment, I took on the challenge of designing an "ascending" to gain access to the second level. 

With contemporary architecture as a hobby and industrial design as a profession, an idea was conceived that has led to the formation of our company, Ascendings, LLC. The first set of steps were actually installed in my home as a way to test, evaluate and refine the design.

Based on the interest expressed in the concept by friends, the preliminary design was finalized into the current configuration which encompasses several embodiments. A preliminary marketing study has generated interest far beyond what one could imagine.

And now for the cool stuff. We continue to find that, with the modular construction of our product, design possibilities are unlimited. Amazingly, once assembled, our product is, in most cases, a free-standing structure that becomes the focal point in nearly all environments. 

The Ascendings product opens up a totally new dimension of architectural and structural possibilities, unrealized prior to this creation. A majority of our business is special design applications. We utilize 3D software to aid in this endeavor, as well as CNC machines to produce what is designed. 

This combination provides unbelievable accuracies for your application. We are proud to state that when wooden tread is requested, it is produced by our local Amish friends. For more house component stories that are not about spiral staircases. 

Top Component Facts

The evolution of the modern home and the components that go into it can be traced to the room where everybody hangs out - the kitchen. Kitchens in early Greece were outdoors in a courtyard where cooking was done over an open fire. Fireplaces took things to another level, indoor plumbing helped the flow of progress but the invention of the Rumford fireplace and the Franklin stove are the two components credited with the birth of the modern kitchen.

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