Dream Home 

This particular Dream Home Bedroom is inspired by the artist’s notion of the constrained psyche and the tension between the masculine and feminine, architecture and fashion, the contemporary and the classical. Traditional architectural elements including an 18th-century statuary marble mantelpiece are contrasted with glitzy metallic wall covering and a vintage French poster bed that’s bathed in lipstick-red lacquer. 

Visitors to the room will experience a voyeuristic glimpse of the female inhabitant as she is enveloped by the room. Swirls of white silk with black floral embroidery contrast with the rigid masculine architecture, and add a surreal quality to the “set” as they creep toward the faceless model as she submits to the forces and pressures around her. As with Ms. Liner’s work, the room we created symbolizes the universal notions of beauty, fashion, gender, and the internal struggle to impose societal pressures upon one’s self.

This room was inspired by the Crane Chair designed by Christy Oates. Christy’s creation is an inlaid wall-art piece that turns into a functional chair. Christy designed the panel in the spirit of origami, where a flat medium becomes a dimensional object. The detailing on the panel is actually the fold lines of an origami crane, hence the name of her beautiful piece.

Playing off of the strong diagonal patterns in Christy’s art, we created an elegant, modern, bold office space with a lounge area. 

Her work inspired our design for the custom, textural rug, and it was brought to life by artisans at Stark Carpet. The angular panels on the fireplace are leather wrapped and monochromatic like the majority of Christy’s art, while all of the metal work in the room resembles the dark burn lines on the edges of her piece (created by the laser she uses to cut the boards). The green accents in the room are attributed to the green crane design that Christy added to the negative spaces left on her panel when the chair is removed from the back.

The inspiration here is a functional glass spinning wheel, so we wanted to create a space that was functional and refined like the work of art that inspired it. A place that one could go to relax or entertain friends, we selected a welcoming color palette of creams and sage greens mixed with gold and deep wood tones. We wanted to emphasize the strong circular pattern in the spinning wheel, so we chose fabrics and furniture that emulate that motif.

Let your ideas ignite in this modern twist on a 1960s-era room inspired by Shawn Smith’s art piece. This piece displays 1cm cubes pixelated to create a fire, which naturally warms this modern lounge. We felt the space needed to be paired with an era where ideas were sparked over cultural change with an explosive amount of creativity. Our use of acrylic, velvets, netting, lacquer and other materials coerce a modern take on the lounge of the 1960s “Mad Men” era. Smith’s fire adds just the right amount of brew above the custom acrylic piano featured in the space originally handmade for one of the firm’s clients in London. The room, taken as a whole, is a study in art, culture and change.

A major inspiration for the room came from its location in the DreamHome. The room’s windows naturally look over buildings and railroad tracks, so a Donghia wallpaper that mimics this scene was placed behind the custom-lacquered bookshelves. A similar landscape as well is noted in Hitchcock’s opening scene of “North by Northwest,” which plays on the automated Control 4 A/V system by ACS.

The art piece that served as the inspiration - Dulce - refers to the languid, reclining women that were depicted by the master artists Manet and Goya; drawing from the essence of the art piece, the Living Room is laid out in the manner of a stately, formal nineteenth century drawing room, yet entirely reinterpreted.

Shades of gray serve as a neutral backdrop for the fine original artwork displayed in the space. The pair of 10’ x 14’ rugs are comprised of a bold geometric pattern, in tone-on-tone gray, which sets up the dominant grid pattern in the room. The two opposing sofas are upholstered in snow white fabric to add freshness to the room, and to keep the room light and airy. Where possible, pairs of pieces were used, to support the formal, symmetrical floor plan of the room.

Color in this room is used sparingly but boldly, through the artwork, pillows and bench upholstery, and the banding on the drapery panels. The goal was for the room to be “art driven,” and to serve as a venue for the display of original artwork, which were selected through a collaborative effort with ArtSPACE, LLC. The accent colors selected are red-violet, saturated yellow, and deep blue. Abstract white marble sculptures are used randomly throughout the room; two large abstract paintings flank the oversized central baroque mirror, which serves as the main focal point. This grouping is balanced by two groupings of color-saturated abstract framed paper works, over the matching pair of chests on the opposite wall.

The white alabaster sculpture of Medusa rests on a mirrored chest at the entrance to the room, standing guard over the room, and stands as a literal reference to the female figure featured in the inspirational art piece.

Embrace the day in Palindrome Design’s Breakfast Room. Inspired by the organic lines and natural texture of Lara Knutson’s Soft Glass Basket, the room was designed to reflect the soft colors of morning. It’s layered with natural colors and materials to create an inviting environment.

The centerpiece of the room is a substantial dining table from Century Furniture’s Grand Tour collection. With its mahogany and walnut top and bronze base, the table captures the spirit of Knutson’s Soft Glass Basket by combining the elements of wood and metal. The table sits on a hand-woven and hand-washed wool rug from Galleria Carpets & Rugs in colors of soft teal, cream and taupe. An element of whimsy is introduced to the room with the bronze-branch detailing on the cabinet from The Rist Corporation. The embroidered draperies from Cowtan & Tout flank the window seat and create a delightful spot to enjoy a moment of solitude or the day’s first cup of coffee.

Christine Philp of Palindrome Design loves creating environments suited to her clients. Whether quirky and fun or tailored and refined, Christine enjoys collaborating with clients to create a space that reflects their unique vision and concept of beauty.

This room is a combination dining and entertaining space, drawing inspiration in line, form and texture from the Uhuru Design chaise longue. The complex of structural struts that form the base of the Cyclone Lounger and the rich, warm and varied wood tones of the bench will inform and influence design elements and finishes throughout the room.

The color palette in the space is limited, and I relied on tone and texture to provide depth. The warm, modern aesthetic will create a space as soothing as it is distinctive and visually interesting.

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The building that currently houses the Washington Design Center used to be an ice house. It now contains over 50 showrooms and sells "to the trade," meaning it serves as a wholesale outlet to designers. Consumers are always welcome and the friendly folks at the front desk will be happy to set you up with a designer to guide you through and give you a free, one hour consultation.The building will eventually become the Museum of the Bible and all the goodies inside will move to another location. 

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