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Looking at cutting edge interior design and exploring architectural house styles. We're also bringing favorite stories back to life, ranting, raving, and publishing content that otherwise wouldn't have a home. Here on the front page you'll find links to recently published pieces and everything else.   

It's great when a friend you've known for years drops a plum story into your lap.  I met Lorena Checa on a shoot for an HGTV show several years ago.  Turns out we had mutual friends and I ran into her years later at a party.  She designed this major house renovation which turned into two short films and a cover story for The Washington Post.  

A few years ago, DC Magazine assigned a story to me about three up and comers in the Washington design scene.  One of them was a builder/developer named Mark Turner who was working on a net zero energy house in Capitol Hill - which is pretty much unheard of. Flash forward to 2013 and Mark now wants to completely change how we design and build houses.  So actually nothing has changed.  Here's a look at his One Nest House.    

Some stories turn into epic adventures.  The Washington Post gave me an assignment in August to follow a professional house flipper attempting to rehab the beauty seen above.  His goal was to finish the renovations before October 15 in order to get it on the market before the holidays. Here's what happened...

Breaking!  Here's my most recent cover story for Bethesda Magazine, a story about what used to be a farmhouse in what is now, a fairly dense suburban neighborhood.  The homeowners have a pretty amazing backstory, lots of cool design touches both inside and on the surrounding grounds of this stately home.  

The first time I wrote about Doug DeLuca of Federal Stone and Brick, he was building outdoor fireplace all over upper suburbia for people who wanted to enjoy an open flame in their backyards.  He's still doing that and also house hopping by buying distressed properties, turning them into show houses, selling them and then buying another one.  Here's the cover  story that was written for The Washington Post about the last house he told me he would never sell. 

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